Start Fees

Categories Start Fees

Street Dance. Levels Competitions
(Disco Dance, Hip-Hop, House, Slow)

12 euro per one style

Street Dance. Grand Prix
(Disco Dance, Hip-Hop, House, Slow, Disco Fresstyle)

15 euro per one style


12 euro per one category

Performing Arts. Grand Prix 
(Show Dance, Jazz Dance/Lyrics, Modern Choreography, Folk)

Solo - 20 euro per Dance
Duo/Couple - 20 euro per Dance
Small Group - 60 euro per Dance
Formation - 120 euro per Dance

Street Performance. Teams

12 euro per dancer 


One category - 10 euro
Two categories - 15 euro
Three and more categories - 20 euro


15 euro per one Style

Golden Age Prformance

12 euro per dancer

Modern Choreography. Improvisation

12 euro per category

Unlimit numbers of Performances

75 euro per dancer

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